North Atlantic Convoy - Exhibition Locations and Dates

Only dates as verified in newspaper advertisements and articles are included in this list.  The dates for Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa and Winnipeg are definite.  It is likely the other exhibitions ran longer than indicated here.  There may have also been other venues, these still to be discovered.  

1950 - May 26 – end August, Jas. A Ogilvy Limited, St. Catherine Street West at Mountain, Montreal 

1950 - September 18-29, Eaton’s Fine Art Galleries, College Street at Yonge, Toronto 

1950 - October 07-19, Eaton’s, Portage Avenue, Winnipeg 

1951 -  February 16-18, Eaton’s, West Hastings Street, Vancouver  

1951 – June 06,  Bowring Brothers Limited, Water Street, St John’s

1952 – January 30 - February 02, Wood Brothers Department Store, Granville Street, Halifax  

1952 - Oct 08-18,  Charles Ogilvy Limited, Rideau Street at Nicholas, Ottawa 

The restored James Ogilvy store after the 2017-2020 renovation by Holt Renfrew.  The picture gallery where the first exhibition was held was on the top (fifth) floor.

Montreal Gazette, May 26, 1950

Toronto Globe and Mail, September 18, 1950

Vancouver Province, Sept 14, 1951

Ottawa Citizen, October 10, 1952

Ottawa Journal, October 17, 1952

Bowring Brothers Store, Water St., St. John's. Circa 1940

Eaton's, Portage St. Winnipeg. Circa 1900

Formerly Eaton's, home of the Fine Art Gallery in 1950. College & Yonge St. Circa 2018

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